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A personalised service structured around your dogs  needs with FAST RESULTS 

1-2-1 Training Sessions

Does your dog need help with canine etiquette? Do they display some issues that make you concerned?  If you are noticing excessive barking, aggression, or reactive behaviour, then please get in touch. I can resolve many issues in dogs sometime from the first session. I insist on 1-2-1  sessions because I am all about getting the best results from training. Many trainers like group sessions but I do not believe that you get fast results from being in a group unless we are working on socialising or pack skills.
I like quick results with instant improvements in the least amount of sessions possible. Some actions which your dog displays may take one session, and some can take three, it mainly depends on your commitment and dedication to resolving the issue, and how proactive an owner is with persistence. 
Dog training is a group effort and not something that can be resolved quickly without your input as an owner. if you feel ready for the challenge and want a different outcome from training then get in touch with me.

Prices start from £60

Online Dog Training
We connect online and provide training when needed, this can be good when you need an emergency session. 
   Prices start from £35


My training is mainly based on teaching owners how to get them to get the best out of their dogs in a kind yet effective way. I carefully build my client's dog training programs to be easy whilst helping to achieve our objectives. 
The policies are written in the interest of safety, responsibility and care for dogs and their humans whilst in the company of Cherished Pets of Brentwood.
*Aversive and harsh behaviour is not tolerated. Choke chains and other punitive techniques aren’t either. All training techniques are carried out in a humane, scientific training based on learning theory and understanding of canine behaviour, and excludes any pain-inducing, fear-inducing, or avoidance-based techniques

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