5 Star Dog Hotel

Putting Your Pet First

Your Dog will be living in my home with his own bed, food, toys and all the comforts of his own home. We only let them sleep in crates if that’s what your dog prefers. Their stay will be customised to their own home comforts (except for sleeping on my bed this is NOT allowed) and they will receive all the care, attention, exercise and fuss they need.


This is luxury 5* home boarding and the care they receive is exceptional

Important Hotel Facts

Boarding fees are charged on a daily basis this is inclusive of both arrival/departure days unless your dog is collected before .9 am.

We do not board un-neutered dogs over the age of 6 months due to scent marking within the home. ALL un-neutered dogs will scent mark, even if they don't in their own home.

We only take on dogs for home boarding once they have at least 3-5 daycare sessions or have been trained by Cherished Pets of Brentwood.

We do not accept dogs that are reactive towards other dogs. All dogs should be trained, have etiquette and not display any bad habits such as constant barking, aggression or a destructive manner.

Dog owner(s) should provide enough food and treats for the duration of the stay, plus any special feeding instructions, and medication if need be.


All of the dogs items should be clearly labelled with your dogs name.f your dog destroys anything in the home during their stay you will be charged the FULL amount to replace the item.


If your dog toilets indoors you will be charged an additional £20 for cleaning expenses. Dogs have full access to a garden during their stay, so a mistake indoors will not occur because a dog doesn't have access to any outdoor space.I



*Additional charge for Bank Holidays

£45  Weekday

£50 Weekends

Sleeping Dogs