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About this product


Fabulously fragrant, this fine fragrance inspired perfume mist has been specially formulated with a wonder-fur blend of natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanicals ingredients to refresh a dog's fur fast.


Available in 125ml



- Woodland Wonderfur™ 100% natural scent expertly blended with aroma-therapeutic essential oils renowned for calming & soothing properties

- Petitgrain, cedarwood bark, vetiver, juniper berry & ho leaf

- Multi-vitamin complex to help promote healthy skin and hair

- Quilaja Bark soap – natural gentle cleansing agent from Chilean soap bark

- White willow bark extract- renowned for its antibacterial properties

- Zea Mays - Silky smooth fur conditioners

- Wiff patrol: natural deodorizing technology to waft away woofy wiffs!


Ideal for a quick spruce up in between washes, or on-the-go. Keep this handy perfume mist, for an instant refreshing aromatic spritz!

Give A Dog Cologne Fur Conditioning Mist

  • Made in United Kingdom

    • Dimensions: 4cm l x 4cm w x 16cm h

    • Weight: 153 g

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