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Getting To Know Us

A Little Bit Better!

The company was founded in 2019 brcause we understand the expectations of all pet parents.

My name is Sherry Longville and that’s why I dedicated my life to ensuring every animal is safe & happy in every situation — providing real solutions to the most common problems pet owners face in todays society. Still, I'm always learning about new care techniques and pride myself on improving my skill set so that I can try be the best Small Dog Services Company  in Brentwood. At Present, I am qualified  in: Dog Training, Dog CPR & First Aid and holder of a 4* dog licence issued by Brentwood Council.


We have been looking after dogs for many years now and we  wouldnt change a thing! We provide a very warm and friendly environment for your dog. We go to great lenghs to make sure your dog always gets the highest level of care, The company aims to be one of Essex’s leading Daycare & Dog Boaridng centre and we pride ourselves on the way we look after all Dogs that come to stay with us, ensuring that they have are always safe, and they have the time of their lives whilst in our care.